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DO NOT do nothing
“Not to make a choice is a choice”
“Not to make a decision is a decision”
“When you do nothing, nothing happens”
“Doing nothing is your choice of doing nothing”

Ok, you get the idea. Even better, is the fact that you are here doing something about it. This puts you ahead of most people. It takes effort to want to change something, and many times the hardest part is getting started.

To ignore credit card debt only allows you to repeat where you are. Credit card debt usually gets bigger rather than smaller. Keep in mind paying credit card debt down is obviously harder than letting interest build up till serious help is needed.

Sometimes we can get lucky on the first step; sometimes it takes more steps. Credit Card Step 2 gives a shot at saving thousands with only 30 minutes of work. But again, let’s take one step at a time.

DO NOT add or increase the balance of how much you owe.
It is bad enough being on a credit card treadmill without turning up the speed. The real financial goal here is to not only get credit card help, but also reverse the trend toward becoming financially stable and have the option of being credit card free.

To keep adding debt keeps the spiral downward growing. Credit Card Step 6 will cover debt reduction in detail. But, let us try one step at a time.

DO NOT incur penalties and fees
This is the first thing that happens when a person decides to do nothing. Ignoring credit card debt and payments will only increase the money owed through fees and penalties that are added. It is like putting gas on a bonfire. Even if you are disputing or fighting about charges and even if it is not right to pay, you will lose in the wrong run.

Attorneys tells their clients so many times, “The cheapest way out is paying them off, even if they do not deserve it.” This becomes a matter of economics, not right and wrong.

This does not mean giving up, but to fight smarter not harder, and we are here to help give you the tools to do so.

Plus, they can max your interest rates out. The difference of 9% to 18% on $20,000 debt is $1,800 per year or $150 per month. If Credit card debt is bad now add $150 to your monthly payment.

DO NOT cancel all your cards
You may be asking, “What, isn’t that the point?” The answer is no. Credit card freedom is the first goal. The ultimate goal is to obtain financial independence. But that is many steps on the path. The good news is we will get you there eventually, but one step at a time.

Creditcards do have good purposes and fulfill certain needs, but we’ll cover that in Take Control.


So, let us move on to Credit Card Step 2. In possibly the next 30 minutes you could save thousands of dollars.

Credit Card Do Nots
The first financial help step is what not to do.

DO NOT do nothing
DO NOT add to or increase the balance of how much you owe
DO NOT incur penalties and fees
DO NOT cancel all your cards yet (maybe)
Financial do nots for credit cards
To Cut or Not to Cut
That is the question

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