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First Financial Help offers free financial advice, debt management, debt reduction, much credit card help information and many free financial tools and calculators.

Gives the basics of what to expect for getting a loan.

Pay Mortgage off in Half the Time
This is my all time favorite piece of free financial advice. We are not talking double payments. We are not talking biweekly payments. We are not talking any special programs you have to purchase. It is a simple process that has a financial calculator provided to show you how to do it in the most pain free way possible.

Biweekly Payments
Often discussed, but not always understood mortgage strategy. For those living on a budget that are on a biweekly payroll, this can be a great tool.

Equity Options
If you are a homeowner, you may be able to take advantage of a home equity loan.

Consolidation of Debt
Another great strategy to take a number of debts and roll them into a more affordable strategy that is easier and cheaper to pay off.

Credit Card
What is a credit card? Credit card use is like fire. One of the greatest things ever discovered by man, but you need be careful that you do not burn yourself when using it. Don’t get burned, take control.

Get a Credit Card
Cutting Credit Cards up are not always the best strategy. Credit Cards used properly can be an awesome tool.

Get a Secured Credit Card
A secured credit card is one of the best ways to build, earn, establish and perhaps reestablish good credit. Another great tool!

Step 1 What Not to Do
Deciding not to do anything is a decision to do nothing. Taking positive action gets you on the path to financial freedom. Reducing debt is the first step to taking control and getting on the path to financial freedom.

Step 2 30-Minute Solution
In only 30 minutes you can reduce your interest expenses and accelerate paying off your debt. Give it a try, and see if it can work for you.

Step 3 Transfer Debt
If the 30-minute solution does not work in step 2, transferring debt to a lower interest rate credit card can have much of the same effect. Careful of any hidden fees and increasing rates later.

Step 4 Consolidating Debt
Consolidating debt is another great strategy for taking control of credit card debt. Keep in mind that when you take control of this debt that you do not want to lose it.

Step 5 Equity Options
Equity loans are a loan against equity, just like it sounds. It is one more technique for consolidating your credit card debt. These equity loans will be against real estate in the form of a credit line or a basic loan.

Step 6 Reduce and Settle
It is not as easy and sweet as it sounds, but can be effective. Basically you are asking the credit card company to settle for less. The good news is many times you can settle for 30-50% of what you actually owe. The bad news is there may be some hoops to jump through.

Step 7 Lock your credit cards Up
Some people are surprised that the advice isn’t cut them up. There are many positive reasons to have credit cards. It really depends upon your lifestyle, self discipline and money management responsibilities you are willing and able to assume.

Step 8 Decrease and Increase
Decreasing spending and use of credit while increasing the amount of debt paid off is the most basic formula to become debt free and set the stage for financial independence. Unfortunately most people do not want to hear about this. It is not easy, and it takes some discipline.

Step 9 Take Control
The questions here will tell you what kind of responsible spending you do. This page also features a really cool calculator you can use to see what your true purchase costs are when using a credit card with minimum payments.

Step 10 Credit Card Management
Are credit cards and credit card companies bad? They are tools and companies trying to make money.

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