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Do you want to know how much you can make on savings or an investment? Here is some free financial help offered by a special, free financial calculator that will take a number of items into consideration. It will let you calculate single deposits; deposits put in at regular intervals or both.

It will then not only calculate your future value, but also let you know how much of your own money that you contributed as well as how much your earnings are.

Our free financial calculator will determine and make a forecasted comparison of interest earnings on different investment scenarios. It also allows you to add a deposit amount and the compounding intervals. It will even explain the difference of an investment that offers a 5% return, compounded daily compared to an investment offering a 6% returned, compounded annually.

Savings Goal Calculator
Use this calculator to figure how much your current savings will grow and how much more you'll need to save each month in order to achieve a given savings goal within a given number of years. Start with Line 1 and enter your future savings goal.

1. Savings Goal. Instructions
2. Current savings balance.
3. Annual percentage rate (APR).
4. Number of years.
5. Current savings future value (FV).
6. Total savings gap.
7. Monthly deposit required.