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Financial Savings to Quit Smoking
Need one more motivation to quite smoking?

Quit-Smoking Savings Calculator
This calculator will estimate how much money you will save if you quit smoking. Plus, it will also estimate how much interest you could earn on those savings if you invest them as you realize them.

Cost per ($):
Number of smoked per day (#):
Number of smoke days per (#):
Number of years you would like to calculate the savings for (#):
Interest rate you could earn if you invest the savings (%):
Total cigarette savings:
Total Interest earned on savings:
Balance of future quit-smoking savings account:
Year Interest

Smoking not only harms your health, but it harms your pocket book too.

We will spare the preaching and harping about personal health and social responsibility, but take a look at the true long-term financial result on just the cost of buying tobacco products?

We’ll let you add in any other costs. If you know someone you would like to see cut back or quit smoking, send him or her here. It is simple, free, financial advice.