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Periodic Savings Calculator

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Let us calculate your expected earnings of an investment, enter the starting amount (if any), enter the amount you plan to deposit (if any) at the specified intervals, enter the percentage rate you expect to earn along with the compounding interval, enter the number of years you plan to let your investment grow. Since varying deposit and compounding intervals lead to very complex calculations and considering the actual earnings of an investment may be calculated using any one of several methods, the results calculated by this tool should be considered as estimates only.

One challenge is that we don't always get to keep everything you make. The other challenge is a thing called inflation. If you would like to take this information even a step further and get a even more clear idea of what you will have check out our expanded calculator here.
Periodic Deposit Savings Calculator V2
This calculator will help you to determine the after-tax future value of a periodic investment in today's dollars.

Enter the initial investment (optional):
Enter the deposit amount:
Enter the annual interest rate (%):
Enter the number of years:
Enter your combined state and federal tax rate (%):
Enter the expected average annual inflation rate (%):
Gross future value:
After-tax future value:
After-tax future value accounting for inflation: