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Retirement Savings Calculator
This calculator will help you to estimate the amount of money you will need to have saved by retirement age in order to meet your desired retirement income goals -- along with estimating how much you need to be setting aside now in order to fully fund your plan. You have the option of factoring in inflation, up to three post-retirement incomes, and a one-time benefit (sale of home, etc.). You can also print out retirement planning reports for any number of what-if scenarios.

Clicking in any field will display help and special instructions in the right-hand column.

Retirement Needs Combined Explain
Enter age at the end of current year (#):
Enter the age you plan to retire at (#):
Enter life expectancy (#):
Desired annual retirement income ($):
Every years of retirement, reduce our income need by (%):
Desired estate ($):
Enter the expected average annual rate of inflation (%):
Retirement Funding Combined Explain
Enter the amount of your current retirement savings ($):
Enter the amount of your current monthly contributions ($):
Age to stop contributions ($):
Enter the Annual Interest Rate you expect to earn (%):
Enter combined Federal & State Tax Rate during retirement (%):
Post-Retirement Income (Pension, SS, Wages, etc.) Combined Explain
Annual COL Adjustment % Starting
Start & Stop Ages for Retirement Income #1 ($): to
Annual COL Adjustment % Starting
Start & Stop Ages for Retirement Income #2 ($): to
Annual COL Adjustment % Starting
Start & Stop Ages for Retirement Income #3 ($): to
Age to Apply One-Time Benefit (#):
Results Explain
Savings Needed at Retirement Age:
Savings at Retirement Based on Present Entries:
Savings Surplus (negative number indicates a ShortFall):
Additional Monthly Contribution Needed to Fully Fund Plan:
Present Monthly Contributions:
Total Monthly Contribution Needed to Fully Fund Plan:

How much do you need to retire?

The answer is, it depends. There are many financial factors involved in determining a person’s need at retirement. Here we will provide help with our financial calculator to estimate retirement savings. Let us look at a few of them.

For starters we need to look at time factors involved. They are your current age and the age you wish to retire at. This determines the amount of time left for financial contributions to your retirement account. Then we need to consider what the life expectancy from retirement will be.

When people retire their cost of living typically decreases based upon activities and hopefully retired debt. So we have an option in determining how much our needed income will be.

Don’t forget about inflation. We have not. Enter in your expected rate of inflation to compensate for the future value of money.

Next we need to look at how much is saved and how much more will be put away towards retirement. It is important to factor in the rate of return and the tax rate expected at time or retirement.

The finance calculator also lets you put in how much you want to leave for your estate.

The final step is to enter monthly cash flows expected during retirement like social security, pensions and other financial revenue.

Finally, click the Compute button and create a schedule. You can go back and make adjustments as well as produce a printable report of your results

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