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There are some risks

> Cash Flow getting behind and not paying it off on time and getting on tread mill of increased spending.
> Cash Machines paying fees and it evaporates
> Shopping at Ease Getting behind and not paying it off on time and getting on tread mill.

     If you can pay off credit cards each month, they can become more useful tools. But as soon as you don't pay them off on a monthly basis, you just gave yourself self approval to borrow money and pay interest. Is that what you really wanted to do, borrow money?

     Step 7 is a great way to start that management if you haven’t already read it.

     Remember that we mentioned don’t get rid of your credit cards just yet? They do add value to your credit report and can offer some of the benefits mentioned above. The question is, “How many should you have?” None shows no credit. Too many shows to much potential debt. The key thing is to find a balance and have good control.

Use credit cards in the way they should be used, and you’ll do great!

Credit Card Management

    Are credit cards and credit card companies bad? They are tools and companies trying to make money.

     Credit card use is like fire. One of the greatest things ever discovered by man, but you need be careful that you do not burn yourself when using it. Credit cards can be a great tool and maybe even a life saver when used properly.

There are some great benefits

> Cash Flow
> Cash Machines
> Shopping at Ease
> Rewards Offer
> Tracking Expenses
> Discounts at certain outlets

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