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My goal is to offer free, financial advice that took years to learn. Financial lessons were learned classes and from personal experience.

My background is a college degree in business administration with a supporting field in finance. This included financial studies in investments, debt, loans and compounding interest. Much of it was business based, but it carries over to a personal basis often times when looking at long term ramifications.

After graduating from college I worked in my own business, which included real estate. Most people know you starve when starting your own business. Hopefully, it takes off and you do well later. My adapting and always having an attitude of learning made the difference in being successful.

A great piece of advice that was given to me was, “It’s not always how much you make, but how you spend it.” The challenge then is to figure out how you are going to spend and save the money you make.

I truly believe that if you work hard and make smart decisions, you can be successful.

What we are offering is free financial advice that well help you to make smarter decisions. Much of it has been personally used by myself and it works.

Please keep in mind that the free, financial advice offered on this site is based primarily upon teachings I received and strategies that I have used. Although, I believe the advice is quite sound, not all of it may be a silver bullet for every person’s situation out there.

I always encourage the use of an attorney, accountant or financial planner for individual financial needs. Furthermore I encourage the reading of the terms and conditions and privacy statements for this web site.

Our Free Financial Advice is just that: Advice and Free. Use it to the best of your discretion. Make smart, financial decisions and you can be successful also.

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